Meet The  Family!

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Stacey Denton, Farmer-Florist
Stacey is, and always has been, a generalist.  That’s why her job title is hyphenated.  She would be bored if she wasn’t always trying new things (combining unique colors, implementing new floral design techniques, incorporating unusual design elements, using uncommon foliage in arrangements) and doing multiple tasks (growing the ‘Double Click’ cosmos for both blooms and seed, harvesting amaranth flowers from the compost pile, and undersowing the September flower beds with cover crop seed) at the same time.   Stacey has spent her adult life committed to organic agriculture, first as a home gardener, then as a farm apprentice, farm worker, small CSA farm manager, and currently as a seed grower, flower farmer, and floral designer.  This breadth of experience has led her recently to advise on current and future flower seed offerings at Siskiyou Seeds.

Stacey likes to be busy, and likes to feel like her life is purposeful.  She is inspired by beauty, committed to good follow through and clear communication.  She is motivated by meaningful work and an opportunity to dance.  Stacey loves supporting Southern Oregon weddings. When she’s not in the field, making arrangements or on the dance floor, Stacey is spinning wool and experimenting with natural dyes.


Hannah Denton Gauss, Country Mouse and Principal Helper  
Hannah is 12.  She has always lived in Williams, Oregon but has traveled widely for her age:  Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Canada.  Her greatest love is singing and she can regularly be heard wandering around the farm with a song on her lips.  Her favorite farm task is seeding and she especially likes to make soil blocks, but she is also quite skillful at transplanting.  Hannah speaks Spanish in addition to English, but she also speaks plants—what their names are, their medicinal uses, whether certain flowers are edible or poisonous.  She’s just beginning to develop her own style with flower arranging and enjoys making art with pressed flowers.


Grizz, Farm Dog and Rascal
Grizz is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd and he likes to follow Stacey all around the farm, sneaking in for pets while she’s squatting to weed.  He chases the raccoons out of the fruit trees, likes to tree squirrels, and generally entertains all visitors with his acrobatic jumping and retrieval of sticks, apples, and assorted pine cones.