Flora Design Studio Price List

Few florists disclose in advance of ordering how they derive their pricing, but we like to empower our customers as they are researching their event costs by publishing prices for most of our commonly ordered items. 

Here are some other important things to consider: 

  • For orders booked well in advance of their event date, we will honor the pricing for the calendar year in which the order is booked.  

  • For any orders including arranged items we require a $300 minimum order during our peak months of May-Sept. 

  • Because we base our designs on the flowers we grow, we work best with clients that are seeking specific color palettes, design styles, and an organic option. 

  • Flora Farm offers very desirable flowers that many florists would love to get their hands on but can’t; however, if you are dreaming of including a particular rose or lily in your order and it’s not in-season at the farm, we may not be the right florist for your vision. 

To get a sense of our work and the flowers we grow, please visit our Gallery page or Instagram account. Full service floral design (which includes more comprehensive support not listed on our a la carte menu) is available for a limited number of clients each season.  


Personal Flowers

BRIDAL BOUQUET - A gorgeous, hand-tied bouquet comprised of flowers and foliage, in your preferred colors, style and size, and tied with satin ribbon. Starting at $65; add naturally-dyed silk ribbon for an additional $20

BRIDESMAID BOUQUET - A smaller bouquet styled to match the bridal floral theme and tied with satin ribbon. Starting at $45; add naturally-dyed silk ribbon for an additional $20

TOSSING BOUQUET - A petite version of the bridal bouquet used for the traditional bouquet toss. $50

BOUTONNIERE - A pinned floral element featuring interesting flowers and textures for the jacket lapel. $15 -$20

LADY’S CORSAGE - A pinned or magnet shoulder corsage mirroring the boutonniere theme.  Or, an elegant metal cuff for the wrist with floral elements.  $20 (shoulder) or $30 (wrist)

ADULT FLOWER CROWN - Styled as you prefer, crown includes flowers and greenery and is adjustable.  Half or full crown options. $30 (half)/$40 and up (full)

CHILD’S FLOWER CROWN - A sweet addition, similar to the adult crown but smaller. $30

WEARABLES - Unique floral options for adorning hair, pinning on hats, and wearing as uniquely artistic accompaniments to your bridal attire.  Options include necklaces, shawls, and other floral jewelry. Prices vary.


Ceremony & Reception Flowers

DINING TABLE CENTERPIECE - Centerpieces are designed with a combination of focal flowers, foliage, and filler flowers to complement your floral theme.  You choose your preferred size, density, shape and vase.  These designs are low enough so that seated guests comfortably see over them.   Starting at $25

LARGE ARRANGEMENT - These types of arrangements are utilized everywhere from the gift table, to the bar, to the ceremonial site framing the couple.  Size, shape and vases are chosen according to use. Starting at $60


GARLANDS - Gorgeous greenery in interesting textures and shades strung together as table runners, to run up posts, or to drape across entrance ways.  Flowers can also be interwoven. $7 per foot

HANGING DESIGNS - Let your imagination run with the possibilities of floral curtains draping from an event tent, floral tapestries running up trees, floral walls for picture backdrops, and flower-covered shapes suspended from ceilings.  Pricing depends on the complexity of the design, but floral tapestries like the one pictured to the right cost approximately $50/foot.

ARBOR DESIGN - Arbors can be adorned simply with floral sprays or designs can be so full with material that they give you the sense you’re in a living garden.   We can meet your desires anywhere along that spectrum.   Pricing is estimated when a design is chosen.  We also recently added a gorgeous round cedar arch to our inventory that can be rented and flowered.   It is beautiful for framing the couple during a ceremony or as an entrance piece for either reception or ceremony.  Flowered as pictured below:  $1000 / Crescent (Half-arch) Rental: $75 / Full Arch Rental: $125