Flora Design Studio and Price List


Our arrangements are markedly different from most florists’ not only because they are local and organically-grown, but also because they are made up of uncommon floral combinations. We grow organic flowers you will recognize from traditional bridal/ceremonial arrangements but also color the repertoire with rare and heirloom flower varieties, foliage, branches, and grasses. Flower choice and arrangement styles are based on each client’s preferences and seasonal availability. We would love for you to contact us to schedule a consultation for your event!


 We offer organic flowers to suit everyone’s budget. From the do-it-yourself (DIY) bride to fine Southern Oregon Wineries, we are able to provide fresh cut flowers from our fields directly to your table. All orders are custom. Listed below are our most commonly ordered items, but we are able to design any arrangement to fit your style or event location.

I want to sincerely recommend Flora and Stacey Denton for anyone who loves beautifying their personal, work or public space. If you care about where your flowers come from and the Earth and love flowers, Flora will make lovely arrangements for you. Her diligent and considerate work was just what we needed during the holiday season at the Winery. She took such good care of our needs and is a true joy and pleasure to work with. I whole heartedly recommend Flora!
— Robert Trottmann, General Manager, Weisinger’s of Ashland Winery and Vineyards